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Hi IFRS 16 specialist,

our Team is composed of SAP specialists, the average experience years is 15 years. We are certified SAP ABAPers, SAP certified Finance consultants.

IFRS16 Go-Live is:

Phase 1

Before the solution is designed, you need to anticipate the IFRS balance sheet reporting impacts, like covenants (i.e. ratio debt/equity wich impact the cost of your debt and relationship with your creditors, impact also sensibilities of capital market index), assess the leassee rental commitments and contracts that are under the IFRS 16 rules, because having 4 to 8% of your Asset and Debt increased needs to be anticipated.

Phase 2

Deployment of IFRS16 solution

Major Firms need to start the IFRS 16 project implementation from 2017, some others requires a simple release by the last quarter of 2018.

IFRS 15 can offer the opportunity to deploy IFRS 16 before 1.1.2019.

Phase 3

After, these IFRS 16 rules implicates de facto to centralise for massive expenses rent, a smart intelligence tool : Make or Buy or Rent. Make is based on production costs, Buy with indirect costs, Rent with discount cash flow impacts / interest rate and a part of the services and increase of the covenants costs, impact of currencies variations, integration of local costs for some times that implicates to have a material ledger or a parallel material valuation solution implemented .

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Edouard de BOYSSON

CEO of LogiMind

Corporate Finance certified at HEC Paris

Former Finance Trainer at SAP Academy Program for 4 years

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SAP IFRS16 solution