SAP IFRS16 Lease Light Solution

IFRS 16 in SAP
The Lease Light Solution in SAP MM, FI and AA

News : 2017-2019 IFRS16 advisors and owner of SAP solution enhancement

LogiMind is SAP PartnerEdge

We have develop the Lease Light solution in SAP, integrated between the modules :

- SAP Material Management

- SAP Finance

- SAP Asset Accounting

The team is build with 20 years SAP experts

The solution is easy to implement and test for a secured go-live between 2019 July and December

The solution is smart and does not need data migration of the current purchased orders of MM

The solution is integrated with AA and FI and manage the ledger postings, fair value calculations and changes during life contract, and is able to provide the item level details for consolation purposes

Also, LogiMind is Certified trainer from French Industry Department

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PARIS area : 41, Boulevard DEVAUX F-78300 POISSY

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SAS au capital de 1000 euros, n°TVA FR18817556160

SAP IFRS16 solution